Busy coping

18 Sep 2014

A few weeks ago, I had the bright notion of writing down all my current projects, commitments and goals. It covered a full page in a regular spiral notebook.

“Aha,” says I. “No wonder I feel so busy.”

I really felt the power of the list this Monday morning. I had already gone to my stats class (which I’m auditing), and I didn’t have “work”-work until 5:30, but the list of things I could be doing in that intervening 6 hours was overwhelming, not to mention a newly exploding tutoring calendar thanks to midterms and October standardized test dates. I was already tired, feeling sick, and not able to cope with all of these demands.

So as a reference to myself, here are ways to cope when it’s crunch time:

how-to » self-care, work,

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