How am I effective? I can…

  • Read and assimilate new information quickly, identify patterns, connect ideas
  • Summarize information, write clearly
  • Design curricula/lessons/workshops, prepare talks
  • Teach in both workshop-style and classroom settings
  • Facilitate discussions and meetings
  • Organize community events and workshops
  • One-on-one tutoring and consulting

work nameplace with a picture of a woman, her name and title and five adjectives: curious, philosophical, sanguine, organizer, bibliophile

Selected Experience

  • Center For High Throughput Computing, University of Wisconsin - Madison (Madison, WI)
    • Consulting and problem-solving around large-scale computing of all shapes and sizes for a wide variety (60+ departments) of research.
  • The Carpentries (multiple locations)
    • Many hats (instructor, instructor-trainer, lesson editor, community organizer and leader) with an organization focused on inclusivity, community, and better data management / computer skills / teacher training in the world of academic research.
  • Academy of Hope (Washington, DC)
    • Instruction and program support for adults seeking to complete a high school equivalence certification.
  • St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN)
    • The classic liberal arts smorgasboard: music, study abroad (Budapest, Hungary), great books, math, and research.


I am conversationally proficient* in:


  • where conversationally proficient means “can use for basic (and some intermediate) use cases and (more importantly) knows enough about how the tool works to teach myself more about it when needed.”